• Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association - GFIA

    An association representing the interests of the funds and investments sector in Gibraltar. GFIA’s objective is to develop and maintain Gibraltar as a specialized investments jurisdiction of choice within Europe... Read More
  • GFIA Seminar

    GFIA is pleased to announce its seminar Corporate Governance for the Gibraltar Funds Industry - A Focus on Directors and Service Providers  that will be taking place on Thursday, May 30th.

    This seminar will be a half day event and will work through several segments dealing with important topics for both EIF directors as well as service providers with the emphasis being on corporate governance for the Gibraltar funds industry.
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  • Experienced Investor Funds

    The Experienced Investor Fund (‘EIF’) regime is similar to professional or sophisticated fund products offered in jurisdictions such as the Caribbean, the Channel Islands, Luxembourg and Ireland.Since its introduction in 2005, the EIF has been the primary driver behind the growth of Gibraltar’s fund industry, proving a robust and flexible product... Read More
  • Investment Management

    Gibraltar funds do not require a Gibraltar-based investment manager or advisor. Non-EU managers of Gibraltar funds are also not required to be licensed under equivalent standards to MiFID.However an investment manager running an EIF must comply with the legislation from its home jurisdiction. If the manager is based in Gibraltar... Read More
  • Gibraltar’s fund industry

    Gibraltar has emerged as a popular alternative jurisdiction for investment funds and their managers, offering robust fund legislation, favourable tax advantages within an EU framework, efficient regulation, the flexibility of a small jurisdiction, quality infrastructure and European ‘passporting rights’ for investment firms. Read More
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Quick Facts

  • Advantages of becoming a GFIA member
  • Why Gibraltar?
  • About GFIA
  • About Gibraltar
  • ADM Investor Services International
  • GFIA London Event
  • Be part of GFIA’s contingent when representing Gibraltar at recognised international conferences such as GAIM, Fonds, and Invest.
  • The ability to influence industry topics and express your opinion to professional bodies.
  • Gain access to the latest member’s research, discussion papers, articles and news.
  • Be part of consultations/discussions that help shape the industry.
  • Network with fellow professionals and the ability to exchange ideas with them on a regular basis.

Gibraltar presents a unique offering to funds and their managers:

  • Established EU Jurisdiction for a wide range of investment funds
  • Well developed fund regime, including UCITS, Experienced Investor Funds and private funds
  • Unique offering for asset managers, combining quality of life with fiscal and legislative stability
  • High regulatory standards, combined with an approachable environment for fund managers, service providers and the regulator
  • Specialist European master feeder fund solutions
  • Professional and internationally recognized fund and investment expertise
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The Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association (GFIA) is the association representing the interests of the funds and investments sector in Gibraltar. This includes the interests of investment managers, investment dealers, banks, brokers, fund administrators and fund directors. GFIA’s objective is to develop and maintain Gibraltar as a specialized investments jurisdiction of choice within Europe, and to promote the awareness of Gibraltar as one of Europe's premier financial centres. We promote this through regular dialogue with our members and cooperation with local government and regulatory bodies.

GFIA operates through 3 sub-committees which are managed by the Executive Committee. The 3 sub committees are:

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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory that was ceded to the United Kingdom under the treaty of Utrecht in 1713. Gibraltar is a peninsula adjoined to Southern Spain and can be accessed by foot, car, aircraft and boat. It is approximately 6.8 square kilometres in size and has a population of 30,000 people. The official language is English, but Spanish is widely spoken.

Gibraltar is self-governing with parliamentary elections held every 4 years. The elected parliament assumes responsibility for all aspects of running the territory including taxation, education, health and policing. Gibraltar is self financing and the United Kingdom’s remit is limited to defence and foreign policy.

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ADM Investor Services International

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Phone: +350 200 63690 

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On October 22, 2013, members of the Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association held an event in London at Merchant Taylors Hall which included presentations by the Minister responsible for Financial Services, Hon. Albert Isolas, GFIA's Chairman, James Lasry and GFIA Executive Committee member, Jon Tricker.


James Lasry - Chairman of GFIA

Jon Tricker - GFIA Executive Committee Member



GFIA Members